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What to Wear: Winter Weather for Children

26 Oct

What to wear? What not to wear? Fashion is a fickle business and can bring about so many questions when planning your family photo shoot! As the cold weather sets in, it is especially more cumbersome to find appropriate apparel that not only keeps the kiddies warm but also carries a fiercely fashionable look.  I am not afraid to admit that I am a “Bargain Betty” and  love great deals! Old Navy has some spectacular finds that are perfect for any Mom or Dad on a budget! Below, I paired a few items together that will pop in any picture. Check out the site and put together your own favorite fashions!



TOTAL: $79.00

Add a red tie with funky skull print to keep your little gentlemen dapper and trendy!


GirlsWhattowearTOTAL: $98.00

Add a pair of red mittens to keep little hands cozy and cute!

All items available at


Late September, Early Fall

21 Oct

I have been meaning to put up some pictures from a few weekends ago when I couldn’t get enough of the Fall. I think I became a bit snap happy but the weather was perfect, the sun mellow, and everywhere I looked seemed to be a picture opportunity. Each time I travel out west it seems as though Mother Nature created a special place in her heart for Virginia and blessed the land with an array of vivid colors, quirky animals, and giant weeping willows. In the matter of forty-five minutes, you can travel from concrete/city life to serene beauty and nature. In a word, it is breathtaking.

Stay tuned for pictures from my trip to the Shenandoah! It SNOWED and the world was still and white in the middle of October!






4026558259_64254364de_btired pup!

Dana: A portrait session

19 Oct

Dana is nothing but rock n’ roll. I have known Dana for ten years! From the first day I met her she has been beyond passionate about music (good stuff too!) She is one of the few people I have met in this world that will save all of her money to go to a show across the country. Dana’s attitude is fresh and sharp. She maintains a mighty sense of adventure which rivals her sense of humor. A true rockstar.







Tracy & Abby: A photo session

15 Oct

I had the very fortunate opportunity to spend a beautiful Friday afternoon in Middleburg, VA with two beauties! Tracy and Abby are too cute for words and I had a blast looking into windows, drinking fizzy lizzy, and playing with anything and everything that happened to cross our paths! Abby (2 years old) is so full of life and energy. She is curious of just about everything and moved faster than I could click a button! Tracy is such a creative spirit and was awesome in scouting out great backdrops and making Abby giggle and smile! Quick shout out: Tracy is also the owner of Paper Ink Designs and has stunning stationery and custom gifts! Check her out at and be sure to check my blog for a future interview with the fabulous owner herself!








Erica, Roxy, & Erin: Simply Fabulous!

13 Oct

Still giggling over this photo session! Erica, Roxy, and Erin all met in college, were in the same sorority ,and quite possibly some of the most hilarious women I have ever met! (not to mention total beauties!) They were up for anything (including wearing fake mustaches) and we had so much fun the entire day! Their friendship is enviable filled with belly laughs and funny stories! We talked at length about some of their college antics and I couldn’t help but think of my own and laugh right along with them. Here are some of my favorite photos of the day! xoxo to the three of you!








Three Foxes

8 Oct

This past Sunday the whole family decided to take a ride out to Delaplane, VA to visit Three Foxes Winery. The weather was quintessential, crisp Fall but the wine kept our cheeks nice and warm. The rolling hills and big, bright blue sky seemed like something straight out of Hollywood. For the better part of the afternoon we munched on homemade fig and Gorgonzola pizza, brie cheese with sour cherry jam, and plenty of white to go around. With my face towards the sun and my eyes closed, I dozed off to the sound of chatter and clinking glasses. A perfect way to end the weekend.










Sneak Peek: Best Friends

7 Oct

Seriously not serious! Erica, Roxy, & Erin had my stomach muscles sore from laughing so hard on Saturday. I can’t wait to show captures from this truly hilarious day! Love you ladies xo