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The Deighton Family: A Portrait Session

29 Nov

I am never really sure how things will play out when I start a photo session. It usually begins with a sort of anticipation, the middle seems to be a blur between laughing and running, and it all ends in a dizzying amount of smiles. When I met with the Deighton Family I was curious to see what would happen when I combined three captivating kids, one historical location, and silly string!

Dana and I worked together at NatGeo and I cannot say enough amazing things about her! She is incredibly creative, solves mind mending problems (should they ever arrive) and above all else, always does everything with a smile.  I swear she is secretly a super hero with a giant letter S (or maybe D) emblazoned beneath her unassuming guise. Not only does she work hard at her day job she is also a full-time mom and with her husband John, has three awesome kids all under the age of 10!

Erin, Brian, and Gabby are hilarious. We ended up exploring, climbing, and playing in and around Fort Hunt located in  Alexandria, VA. Even though the ground was soggy and the skies gray, no one seemed to mind and we managed to have a blast. So how did the session turn out? Check out the images below!


The Savage Family: A portrait Session

26 Nov

Although it was overcast, more than a little bit of sunshine came my way when I met the Savage Family last Wednesday for a photo session. I was greeted at the beautiful Blackthorne Inn in Upperville, VA with lots of smiles, giant candy canes, and adorable tu-tus!   Maritza and Jeff are the proud parents of three beautiful children with one on the way! Looking over the pictures reminds me of my own family (many, many moons ago) when my twin and I would run around playing together and yet be so enthralled by our older sister.

My favorite part of the shoot wasn’t the gorgeous scenery but instead the request for “mas besos” (“more kisses” for all those who didn’t take high school spanish) and the quick response of three pairs of puckered lips.

Thank you so much Savage Family! You all are simply wonderful.

all photos copyright allie carroll photography

Katie & Steve: An Anniversary Portrait Session!

19 Nov

Katie and Steve are my two best friends in the entire world. I could be a bit biased seeing as Katie is my twin and Steve is my brother-in-law but they are quite possibly the most fun, hilarious, totally goo-goo ga ga in love couple I have ever met! Everyone who has been in a relationship knows that it is hard work but these two just make it seem effortless. Steve is always trying to get a laugh from Katie and while Katie is used to some of his routine bits, he always manages to get a smile out of her. She returns the favor with a kiss. There isn’t enough space on this little blog to write how much I adore my sister and brother-in-law. They are role models for love and after a year of marriage, I believe Cupid is still proud of these lovebirds!

Sneak Peek: The DiBitetto Family!

17 Nov

“Rock Away Sweet Baby James” is one of my favorite James Taylor songs. I always imagined a handsome, albeit tired, young boy with light hair and big blue eyes singing a sweet lullaby to rock himself to sleep.  Some nights, after a long day, I find myself humming this same tune to feel a sense of comfort when I,myself,  need to fall asleep. When I met sweet baby James DiBitetto, my conjured images came to reality.

I have known Lauren Rapp DiBitetto since college and always remembered her having a big smile and positive energy about her! Well, almost ten years later, the girl I remember is now a beautiful wife and mother with the same big smile and same positive aura. Her little boy, James,  just turned one and has the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen! James is a bit of a flirt and loves to smile and twinkle his peepers at the camera. The DiBitetto family was full of so much love and I am so happy I was able to hang out in their hometown of  Annapolis and walk around to explore the historic buildings, get yelled at by the locals (tee hee), and tote James around in his radio flyer!!

The Maso Family: A Portrait Session

17 Nov

I had to share a few more of my favorite images from the Maso family portrait session I did a few weeks ago. Hopefully, you all caught the sneak peek from last week! The Maso’s are just the cutest!

Winter in the Fall

16 Nov

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to the Shenandoah to revel in the peak colors of the Autumn season. I was so excited to capture brilliant reds, yellows, and even the last bit of green left behind from the Summer. By the time we arrived at our cabin, the world was white and much more a winter wonderland than the second week of October! I managed to capture just a few images but seeing as I didn’t bring gloves or any other cold weather gear, I could only be outside for a few minutes before I needed to run into the lodge to warm up with hot coffee!




Rachel: Mommy to Be!

16 Nov

I am so happy to announce that little Asher Ringold was born happy and healthy on Friday, September 13th. I can’t believe he already arrived! It seems like just yesterday we were taking maternity pictures. How beautiful is Rachel at almost 9 months pregnant! Wow! Here are a few more of my favorite shots from our session!