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The Keeter-Markmann Family: A Baby Shower

31 Mar

I first met Amanda aka: “Keeter” last summer at a bachelorette party for my dear friend Kate. She is simply amazing and not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, she is also a graphic designer and one of the most creative women I have ever met.

I was honored when Keeter asked me to document her baby shower/30th birthday party! The day was spent with great friends, soon to be grandmothers,  and new cousins. Smiles and presents were also involved and of course visits to the brand new nursery (sidenote: the room has a framed “Flight of the Conchords” poster that matches perfectly with the rest of the decor….how cool is that!?)

William Markmann III (Trip) will be arriving in early May and I am sure he will be just as much of a gem as his mom and dad! Congrats Amanda and BILL!!! xo


Sneak Peek: The Underwood Family!

22 Mar

I pretty much fell in love with this family when Colin ran up to me in his pajamas and said, “Hello!”  He and his brother, Anderson, had so much fun playing tag with each other, swinging on the playground, and doing what little boys do best….being little boys. These two cuties have so much energy it is hard to believe a little girl is on the way in less than a week! Here are some of my favorite images from our session…More to come!

Pretty in Pink

18 Mar

I am currently the resident photog at LuluLemon and part of my job is being responsible for the PN (product notification) pictures that go out in a newsletter to our guests each week. It’s a lot of fun and I get to play art director too which is always a plus! This week, I just fell in love with the images and had to post them on my blog (not something I usually do) I  asked Sam if she wanted to model some of our newest items and thankfully she said yes. We only had a few minutes but we had a lot of fun. Note to Sam: Ummm..what is up ANTM!? Next time Tyra comes into town you might have to show her your skills!

Follow Your Bliss

17 Mar

Had to share more images of the divine Miss Jess! She is such an amazing instructor (you will sweat! you will be sore the next day!!) and teaches a donation base class at the Georgetown Lulu Lemon studio on Thursday evenings. You too can learn to awaken your body and mind and twist yourself into positions your body never thought possible 🙂

Caro & Jake:Jamaican Style Rehearsal Dinner

11 Mar

Jimmy Buffet may have invented the term “island time” or maybe we can thank him for the saying “It’s 5 o’clock” somewhere!”, either way….the man has a point. Tropical destinations have the ability to make even the most type A individual kick back and forget their worries. Once your cheeks have turned pink from the combination of the sun and a few fruity drinks, it is almost as if time doesn’t exist at all.

What I loved most about Jake and Caroline’s rehearsal dinner was that it was the epitome of  laid-back. We traveled into town via old vans and ended up at what seemed to be an old secret of Jamaica. There wasn’t much to the place, it was more or less a shack with the words LOBSTER TRAP and a drawing of the crustacean in the front entrance. I fell in love with this quirky “resturant” and was delighted to find out it was all you can eat chicken (and lobster of course!) and as much rum punch/red stripe as one could handle. We dined al fresco only amidst candle light, crashing waves, and the sounds of everyone’s laughter.

The sunset before dinner!

Speech! Speech!


Mind, Body, Beauty

4 Mar

The harmony of mind, body, and soul takes on a special kind of beauty when practicing Yoga and when done correctly it can inspire!  Jess is one of those women who is as amazing on the inside as she is on the outside and has the ability to illuminate the world around her! Not only is she a yoga instructor, she is also  a writer and poet, but most importantly a friend. I was able to capture a few images of Jess yesterday for a project we are working on together @ LuLu but  I am so excited to have a full session with her next week! More to come 🙂

Caroline and Jake: Sneak Peek Jamaican Style Wedding

3 Mar

Breathtaking is the only word I can use to describe the beauty of Jamaica and the beautiful bride, Miss Caroline Roach (now Hegeman!) I just couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek of my time on the island nation of “one love.” I have so much more to share including the amazing villas, the rehearsal dinner filled with all you can eat lobster and a whole lot of Rum Punch, and of course more of the amazing, hysterical, and gracious bride and groom!

Incredible Ceremony Location!!

Love the accessories!

Congratulations Jake & Caro! Stay tuned for more everyone 🙂