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Janine & Chris: An Anniversary Session

21 May

I was so excited when Janine contacted me to do a photo session with her and her husband! I had already met Cassie and thought it would be so much fun to meet Chris and get to hang more with the ever awesome Janine!

Janine and Chris are high school sweethearts! (pause here for the “awwww!”) They are such an amazing couple and filled with so much love for one another.  Janine and Chris looked at each other or stood in a certain place when I asked them to but  it was those small moments that really touched my heart. Chris held Janine’s hand when her heels became a bit wobbly on the path and Janine squeezed his to let him know she was ok. Their easy conversation with each other always seemed to turn to into laughter and ended with a hug or a kiss. We had a great time walking all over the grounds of Meadowlark Gardens and it  made me realize just how wonderful it can be when someone marries their best friend.

Thank you so much for such a fun day Janine and Chris! Happy Anniversary!!


Chandra, Jonathan, and Bella: A Family Session

20 May

In my opinion there is nothing better than spending a beautiful Saturday morning with a beautiful family! I met up with Chandra, Jonathan, and Bella at Meadowlark Gardens and we had so much fun running around chasing the geese, blowing bubbles, and playing in the sand! Miss Bella is 17 months and was such a bundle of energy! Mommy and Bella couldn’t stop giggling and giving kisses but  you should have seen the way Bella’s face lit up when her Dad did silly things to get her to smile!  Cute overload. 🙂

Thank you so much you guys! It was so great to meet you and thank you for sharing your energy, smiles, and love!

Cassie & Janine: A Sister Session!

14 May

Ahhh, the life of having sisters! Growing up there was always someone to roller skate with in the basement, someone to dance with to bad pop songs and make up even worse dance routines, or just creating a three-ring circus in the basement masterminded by an older sister and preformed for grandparents and neighbors! (There are a lucky few that have heard that story….)

Anyone who has a sister out there knows that at one point you may have wanted to scream at them for borrowing the amazing vintage tee you scored at the Salvation Army or cutting off all the hair from your barbie collection! (Sorry Chris!) Yet as we grow up, a sister becomes the woman who turns into your support system, your  biggest cheerleader, and most importantly, your best friend.

I was so excited when Janine contacted me to take pictures of her and her sister Cassie. I could tell right off the bat that Cassie and Janine had an amazing bond! Not only did they look gorgeous but we ended up laughing, telling stories, and being silly…just like sisters do.

Can’t thank you enough Janine and Cassie! xo

Baby Campbell: Welcome to the World!

13 May

Sugar and spice and everything nice….

Megan and Dave: An Engagement Session

12 May

“You are as cute as a button!” As the story goes, that was the first thing Dave said to Megan when they met each other through a mutual friend one fateful night in Adams Morgan. (Side note: the mutual friend happened to be Danny, my wonderful boyfriend!)  I gotta tell you folks…both Megan AND Dave are cute as buttons and the nicest people you will ever meet. They love to laugh, have tons of fun together, and occasionally tell a corny joke (Sorry Dave!!)

Megan is sweet on Dave, Dave is sweet on Megan and they both have a sweet tooth so as we walked around the Capitol we had to make a pit stop for some sno-cones!

I had so much fun with you guys and thank you SO much for helping me celebrate your engagement!


I am in love…

10 May

with my new nephew! SO proud to be a lala.

The Talented Mr. John: Headshots

7 May

“Who do people always tell you that you look like?” I excitedly asked John from behind the lens. He gave a blush and sort of laughed at me. Before he could get out a name I blurted out, “The guy from that movie! Errr…I mean Shakespeare In Love!”

“Joseph Finnes?” He knowingly knew the answer even though there was a questioning in his tone.

“Yes!!” There were decidedly more exclamation points in my voice than I could put in print.

John is that perfect mixture of “classic handsome hollywood” mixed a sense of humbleness and an easy going attitude. John has played the lead roles in productions of RENT and Falsettos, to name a few) John was even nominated for TWO Washington Area Theater Community Honors awards for his leading roles in the Assassins and  A New Brain. (Side note: I found out all of this amazing information about John myself! He is so awesome we basically talked about everything BUT his incredible acting career!)

We spent the rainy morning finding bright colors for backdrops and generally just having a great time. Thank you so much John! You are so great and best of luck in all your roles this season!