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Women & Cancer

29 Jul

Erica Gough Paul has been surviving Stage IV colon cancer for three years and while the battle has been hard, she is more fabulous than ever!! She is an Angel of Hope for the Chris4Life Foundation, an Ambassador for Right Scan Right Time, and the CEO of her own FABULOUS foundation. Erica inspires people everyday (I, for one , am completely in awe of her!) and through her own journey she continues to transform, enlighten, and influence so many who are living with disease or are affected by someone who is. She also deeply influences those who continue to fight for the ones that have left us too soon. Erica will be featured in the Winter issue of Women & Cancer Magazine and I was so happy to spend the afternoon with her to take some headshots for the issue!! We laughed, chatted about life, and even treated ourselves to a raspberry smoothie!

Thank you so much Efab! You are truly so special to me and thank you for everything you have taught me and being such an amazing friend.

PS: Hey lovelies….which one do you think should make the issue??


Kevin & Kemper: July 24, 2010

28 Jul

I had the pleasure of photographing Kevin & Kemper’s wedding day this past Saturday! It may have been the hottest day on record but that didn’t stop the day from being breathtakingly gorgeous! The now Mr & Mrs. Barker were married at the Woodlawn Manor House in Sandy Spring, Maryland. They are just the cutest couple and the ceremony was beautiful, the party amazing! Here are a few of my favorites from the big day!

Everyone in wedding party was so much fun!


Emery & Caroline: A Sister Session!

19 Jul

I began working at 15 years old. It wasn’t out of need but complete want. I was so excited to slip on the infamous “Blue shirt”  all the camp counselors had donned before me and after attending camp from the age of nine,  it was finally my time. The moment  I strolled up to Brown’s Chapel, sat on the bench and waited for sunshine-y bright smiles attached to sunshine-y bright yellow shirts, I knew this was my rite of passage.

It was on that same day that I met two of my favorite campers….ever. Caroline & Emery were already very famous in camp world, I had known them from my own camper experience and while we were years apart, I knew they always loved to sing the counselor songs and also played a mean game of uno. You could always catch Emery and I hanging under the shade making bracelets and Caroline was always quick with a hug.

The Roger sisters are still some of my very favorite ladies and I have been lucky to watch them grow into beautiful women over the years. Long gone are the days of chlorine stained hair and snack-time. When they contacted me to do a sister session for their Mom’s Birthday, I jumped at the chance! We had so fun much walking in and around their neighborhood, catching up, even reminiscing about old camp days. They brought their doggies to share in the fun too!

Thank you so much CC & Shemery! Love you girls..always! xo

Erin: A Throwback Session

12 Jul

My family and I made our first  trip to the American History Museum in Washington D.C. when I was about nine years old. While I have been back many times since, my memory of that first visit outlasts all of the others. There amongst books, toys, and other collectibles was the Billie Holiday Paper Doll Collection in Full Color,{paperback}. I had to have it.  A goddess of the big band era, Billie had the style and glamour that magnetically drew the attention of the whole world and then again decades later, found her way to a little girl growing up well past World War II. Painted cheeks, stained lips, incredible hair, amazing music, and the “greatest generation” are just a very few reasons why I adore a decade from so long ago.

Thankfully my beautiful and amazing friend Erin shares the same sentiments I do and we got the chance to do a “throwback session” complete with bright red lipstick and queue curls! We had so much fun and we were even stopped by a stranger who showed us his pin-up girl tattoo and gave us high fives!

Thank you so much Erin! You are absolutely stunning and would make the girls from yesteryear proud! xo

PS: Want to start your week off right? I recommend that you tune your Pandora dial to billie or ella, sit back, relax, and enjoy the sweet life!

Flower Power

8 Jul

I have been inspired by variation, dreams, but mostly flowers in my free time! xo, enjoy.

Happy Weekend!

2 Jul

Hello Everyone!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!! Put on your dancing shoes, break out the fireworks, and have a blast 🙂