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Kelly & Pat: An Engagement Session!

28 Sep

I got goosebumps when Pat told me how and when he fell in love with Kelly. It was on the steps of the tidal basin, the sun was setting over  Arlington and Pat knew. He knew Kelly was the girl he would one day make his wife. The funny part is that, at the time, he didn’t say this to Kelly. In fact, he waited until the moment he proposed. More than a year later, on the same steps with the sun setting over Arlington, Pat told Kelly why they were at the steps again and asked Kelly to be his forever.

Kelly and Pat are just the sweetest couple. We spent the day re-creating moments from their dating history and the moment Pat proposed. We hung out at Ebenezer’s (a favorite coffee haunt of theirs), had mojitos at Tabaq (where Pat took Kelly after he popped the question), and of course, went to the steps of the tidal basin just as the sun was setting.

Thank you so much Kelly and Pat!! I had such a wonderful afternoon with you both! Here are just a few of my favorites from our session:


A little bit rock & roll

24 Sep

Music is my muse. I seem to always have a tune running through my head, a song playing in my house, in the car, while I am working…..there are not enough words for my love of music. Little notes strewn together to create a magic kind of energy that is exciting or can be challenging. Music can bring about a certain memory, or even create a spontaneous dance party anywhere and at anytime! (sounds of my heart melting here)

Ok, I admit I adore all things frilly and pretty but I’d like to think I have a little bit of rock&roll in me. When Drew contacted me to do some band shots for his musical undertaking “Mr.Fisher” I jumped at the opportunity!!

While Mr. Fisher is rated far above PG-13, Nate and Drew are super talented musicians and just really cool guys. I had never done a band session before which presented a bit of a challenge but there was so much energy in the day and I was so excited to be able to take on a project like this…hey…sorta just like music! 😉

Thanks for making music with me fella’s! Much love to you!

A Family Session with the Austin’s

21 Sep

I can still remember when I was 15 years old and what I thought my life would be like when I was 30. I seem to remember thinking to myself “ughh, how utterly ancient” (can you blame me? I was 15 and like most adolescents, I thought I knew everything) I am certain I never thought about any of my classmates at the age of 30. I didn’t really think about where the prom queen might be living. It never crossed my mind to wonder if that one really cute football player might have children someday or maybe he would just have a dog, maybe both!? Nope, those things never crossed my mind.

Today, I am so happy when I am able to reconnect with people from my past. It is so much fun to see how people have changed, how their lives have played out so far, and really get a chance to know them “all grown up.”  I have known Kelly since our freshman year at OHS. I always remembered her as being so pretty in high school and she has since turned into a beautiful woman and and even more beautiful wife and mother. She brings her beauty into her family and shares her life with her wonderful husband and two adorable children.

Yes, it is incredibly cheesy to admit but sometimes, I am telling you…when photographing a family, you can be overcome with cuteness and that is exactly what happened when I met up with the Austin Family at Historic London Town & Gardens! Garrett greeted me with a big toothy smile and with his big heart (and even bigger personality) had no problem hamming it up for my camera. Lane is just a doll and her big, beautiful eyes had me smiling all day! We played with bubbles, explored the grounds, and even got a very sweet treat at the end of the day! yum!!

Thank you so much Austin Family! I had such a wonderful afternoon!

ps: Kelly, fifteen years later, you done real good! xo

A Family Session with the Anthes

14 Sep

Perfect weather! Perfect family! Saturday at Gari Melchers Home & Studio in Fredricksburg with the Anthes family was a dream!

I had such a great time capturing the spirit, energy, and smiles of this adorable family!  From the minute you meet them, anyone can tell that Dre and David  (rockstar mom and dad) have an amazing admiration for each other and are quite possibly the most down to earth, caring, and loving parents around. There three little ones, Aidan, Kaya, and Addie are nothing short of adorable and the best part is that they are kind, amiable, and thoughtful to each other.  We spent the day running around gravel paths, checking out neat statues, blowing bubbles, and just generally have a fantastic time!

Thank you so much Anthes Family! You all are just the best!

Here are just a few of my favorites from our session:

That really says it all!!

Sosie’s Closet

9 Sep

What do two siblings and circle scarves have in common? Well, not a whole lot besides the fact that they are absolutely beautiful!!

I have been anticipating this post for a long time and am so happy to let everyone know that Sosie’s Closet is now open for business! I could write all day about Esosa but I think her bio says it best:

“Esosa Edosomwan A.K.A. Sosie, is an actress, writer,”directress”, with a knack for staying uniquely well dressed on her own terms. In the past she worked as a freelance designer and fashion assistant for major companies such as J.Crew and Converse, and studied fashion design at Cornell University and abroad at Central St. Martins School of Design in London. Sosie’s Closet is her first endeavor to share her own unique style sensibility with the world.”

I was so happy to be able to help Esosa out with this project  because I love her scarves and I LIVED in my own Sosie creation this past spring (blue/teal circle scarf that I am positive  I wore everyday in chillier times). We met up on a Sunday morning in Georgetown with a bag full of Sosie scarves and my camera. Esosa’s sister was on hand and was not only a beautiful Sosie’s Closet model but she also didn’t mind helping me with my multi-disk reflector! The three of us had a really fun time walking around, posing, and vouging like it was nobody’s business 🙂

Thank you Esosa! What a wonderful opportunity it was for me to photograph two stunning, artistic, and  smart women.

Now my lovelies…. go forth and BUY!

My Little City Mouse: Miss Victoria

7 Sep

Victoria is one of my very favorite people to hang out with. She is wickedly smart, hilarious, and incredibly creative. As Danny’s little sister, we have gotten the chance to get to know each other over the past few years and have  discovered we have a shared love of puppies, cheese, and fashion accessories!

Seeing as she is about to start sixth grade, Danny and I decided it would be fun to invite her to our apartment to be our special weekend guest of honor. We stayed up late watching movies, ate way too much ice cream, painted our nails, and the next day made a trip to Georgetown. (where she had never been!)

We put our best cosmopolitan foot forward and shopped around obsessing on all things shiny, pretty, and  “so cute!” (well not danny but he was a really good sport and held our bags! ) It was such a fun way to spend a long weekend and I couldn’t help but document part of it 🙂

Thanks Victoria and Danny for a such a great, relaxing, and super fun time!

Being silly in Anthro!

On our way home.