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A Family Session with the Van Engelen’s

27 Oct

There is truly nothing better than bouncy, happy babies! William was full of smiles the moment I met him and continued to laugh and giggle throughout our entire session! The Van Englen’s are D.C. residents by way of California and Idaho with a few pit stops in Seattle and New York along the way. While they do love D.C., like most, they know it won’t be their home forever. Ana wanted to make sure to get some family memories in front of one of D.C.’s most iconic landmarks and I was honored to photograph them this past Saturday. We had the most lovely weather and were able to walk around on the Mall, smell the flowers in the Botanical Gardens, and just enjoy the day!

Ana and Brady- it was so wonderful to get to know you both and spend time with your beautiful family! Hope you are enjoying Cali!

PS: Special shout out to Ana and her absolutely, drop-dead, amazing sense of style! still thinking about how much I loved your shoes!

Such a cutie!


Holiday Outtakes: Katie & Steve

24 Oct

It has become tradition that I take my sister’s annual holiday card photos. I adore that I am able to do this and I couldn’t help but share some of the outtakes from our session. We decided to keep it simple and found a little, empty parking lot, grabbed some chalk, and wrote down words that we wanted people to remember during the holiday season.

I could go on and on about Katie and Steve and how much I love them, how adorable/awesome/amazing they are but there really are not enough words and this little blog is much too small a space. With that said,  I will K.I.S.

Katie and Steve- You fill my heart and I know we will continue our tradition for many years to come! xo


A Family Affair: The Edgington’s and The Wiswall’s

21 Oct

Spending a beautiful Fall day with an even more beautiful family is quite possibly the best way to spend a Sunday. I met up with the Edgington’s and Wiswall’s at the Westminster Community Pond. I began to admire the bright yellows and deep reds of our surroundings but my attention was quickly taken with  the family before me. Their dynamic and admiration for each other something to marvel at in and of itself.

The Edgington’s are comprised of  Amy and Mike and their two adorable boys (above!) The Wiswall’s make up the other half and include Keith (Amy’s brother), Stephanie (Keith’s wife), and Pat (the beloved matriarch of the group). As you can see, it is quite the family tree of who is who!

In between big smiles for the camera, we played on swings and slides, generated a very big fan base when Pat pulled out the bread for resident geese and ducks of the Pond, and enjoyed the company of each other in the crisp fall air.

Thank you so much Edgington’s and Wiswall’s! I had such a wonderful time with you all!


Welcome to the World: Ava

15 Oct

Miss Ava was born to be in front of the camera. A few months ago, I was preparing to do a maternity session with Karen. She still had about 4 weeks until she gave birth but when I didn’t hear from her a few days before we were to meet, I wondered what was up. It turned out that Ava decided to come into this world just a little bit early! I am so glad she did because it gave me the chance to meet her in person and admire her tiny toes and her chubby cheeks. Ava is just a beautiful little girl and Brad and Karen are such adoring parents. They look at Ava with a type of wonderment and love that is so special.

Congratulations Brad & Karen! I had such a wonderful evening and am so happy for you guys!

Proud Papa!

Burst Party 10.9.10

11 Oct

Art + music + a BAJILLION balloons? I dare anyone not to burst from excitement!

The grand opening event for Artisphere happened on Saturday night and while most of my night consisted of mingling, dancing, pbr, and general party going,  I did manage to sneak off and capture a couple of images.

Friends!! There are so many exciting things happening at this art space/concert venue/ballroom/museum/ super dome!  Who is in for DANCE WEDNESDAYS  (zydeco, cajun, rock, r & b, swing, et al)? I am quite certain I will be dragging some of you with me 🙂

A Family Session with the Smith’s

6 Oct

Imagine waking up tomorrow and from the moment you opened your eyes, you knew nothing. How exciting/scary/amazing would it be to look around and constantly be noticing, intrigued, and blown away by even the most simple of objects? This past Saturday, with the smell of fresh rain on the ground and the sun shining brightly, I met Ella. A beautiful, strawberry blonde with bright green eyes, Ella embodied the kind of wonderment that I can now only imagine. She wobbled from one beautiful patch of lavender then rushed to see what was honking down by the water. She moved fast and with purpose through the giant fields of Meadowlark with all of her attention directed to a blue chair underneath the shade of a giant tree.

While she was discovering, we watched and chased. It was then that I opened my own eyes and realized, I no longer had to imagine the exciting and amazing simplicity of life.

Thank you so much Smith Family! You are truly beautiful from the inside out and I had a blast with you on Saturday!!