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A Family Session with the McLaughlin’s!

22 Dec

The McLaughlin kids are a riot! I was lucky enough to spend time with them a few weeks ago and I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the entire session. Although it was cold outside, that didn’t stop us from exploring the creeks in Reston and having a blast.

Big brothers Burke and Connor are hysterical and baby sister Maeve is her own little firework! We ended up running around so much and playing Simon says, Mother May I, and a general game of freeze tag that I almost forgot I had my camera with me and I was supposed to be photographing! We talked about transformers, picked up worms (Maeve too!) and did our best “Fred” impressions! The day ended with a long walk back to where Mom was waiting with a warm car and promises of hot chocolate.

Thank you so much McLaughlin Family! xoxo

What a ham!


Jeff & Kizaan: A Couples Session

16 Dec

Whenever I am working with a family, I always like to get at least one image of mom and dad together. The response usually goes like this….”gosh, we haven’t had a picture of just us together since our wedding day!” It’s true! Between marriage and children and life in general, pictures of the two people that fell in love in the first place seem to be remiss along the way. So it is always a treat for me to capture a couple for an anniversary session or couples session! I love capturing the way they laugh with each other, smile at each other, or even give each other that special “code” look that means “are we really standing on top of an abandoned staircase right now?” 🙂

I was so excited to work with Jeff and Kizaan. This couple is downright amazing! Kizaan, a platinum blond hailing from South Africa is always a blast to be around and I don’t think there is one time I didn’t compliment her on her fabulous (insert word: shoes, accessories, jacket, etc here)  Jeff’ takes geek chic to a whole new level and is not only interesting but handsome to boot! His passion for quirky music is matched only by his love of all things web…. special shout out….you can find him on Twitter here!   We had so much fun hanging in Old Town Alexandria. Miss Bean, their adorable miniature dachshund, joined in on the fun and we walked by the water, found some neat nooks and crannies to explore,  and of course, rocked out!

Thank you so much Jeff and Kizzy! xoxo

A Family Session with the Littlefield’s

7 Dec


Although they live in Atlanta, I had the pleasure of photographing the Littlefield Family in Aldie, VA a few weeks ago! With bright blue eyes and platinum blonde hair, Jay is one of the most darling little boys I have ever met. He is a curious little guy and would rather be running around on his own two feet than sitting down. Katie and Drew are so much fun and I loved the energy they brought to our session. They chased, piggy backed, and showered Jay with a million kisses. Too sweet!

Despite the cold weather, we managed to run around outside and when the wind made our noses cold and red, we went inside to play with an old timey rocking horse and Jay loved reading a book all about dogs!

Thank you SO very much Littlefield’s! It was so wonderful to see you all and I am so happy I had a chance to capture your beautiful family.






A family session with the Robertson’s

4 Dec

I had the pleasure of photographing the Robertson Family at Meadowlark Gardens last week and I just love this family! I worked with them last year around the same time and was so happy to see that  Ben and Zach had grown inches and are still the fast, funny brothers who are full of so much life and love! Ben is now in first grade (such a big kid!) and Zach is walking around…scratch that…running around and smiling and laughing more than ever!

Even though it was chilly we managed to run around and had so much fun playing red light/green light, exploring the bridges, and checking out the resident geese!

Thank you SO much Robertson’s! You are wonderful!


Welcome to the World Baby Colton

1 Dec

You would think that being so new to this crazy world newborns wouldn’t be so dreamy and peaceful! Okay, I admit, I am glamorizing. Babies are certainly hard work but they just make it seem so simple. (referring to life here again…not motherhood!)  Between the  “I’m hungry/tired” cry, newborns drift off into a place that is equal parts sleep and general content. Watching them reminds me that there are so few things to want or need, that life really should be much less complicated, and that I should really get to bed earlier! 😉

I had the pleasure of photographing Colton last week and it reminded me why I love newborns so much. At three weeks old ,Colton already has so much personality! We dressed him up in his holiday best and when we went outside, we bundled him up in the cutest little monkey sweats.  After playing and eating, Colton kept making squishy faces and curling his tiny toes which was quite hilarious! When he finally did fall asleep, he kept a tiny crack of his left eye always open….also hilarious. Jennings and David are such a sweet couple and you can tell that with Colton in their life, their holiday season has a whole new meaning!

Congratulations David & Jennings!  You and your new, little family are just wonderful! xo