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The Talented Ms. Esosa: Headshots

27 Jan

I had the opportunity to help Esosa with a project this past Fall so she may be a familiar face on my blog and I am so glad she is!  Isn’t she just stunning? Not only is Esosa a designer she is also a Actress, Writer, “Directress” and overall phenomenal woman!

Esosa has so many amazing projects in the pike so I was thrilled when she asked me to do her head shots! Although there were some crazy moments…(studio snafu!?  exploding strobe?!) we managed to have a great time and even a few laughs!

Thank you so much Esosa! I adore  you!!

Visit and learn more about Esosa on her website:


Pinball Wizards

20 Jan


It’s always such a treat when I can take my camera on personal adventures! Last weekend Danny and I ventured to the National Pinball Museum in Georgetown. I am sure at this point you are asking yourself, “A National Pinball Museum in the Georgetown Mall!?” (There may even be tinge of astonishment in your inflection.) Why yes! Yes, there is.  The NPM opened about a month ago and I encourage you all to go check it out. Seeing the evolution of the pinball machine is truly a fascinating glimpse into American history and culture. The best part is unlike most museums, you are allowed to touch, feel, and play the games!  Unfortunately, I haven’t quite found my flipper fingers  so as Danny initials swirled and flashed across the displays,  I wandered around the amusement hall admiring the many variations of the silver ball.

Brandon & Amy: An Engagement Session

14 Jan

Brandon and Amy first dated in college but as graduation day approached their relationship parted ways. So sad. Oh, but do not to fear loyal readers! This was not the end of their tale. (Of course not! Obviously the title of this post brings happy news.) A few years after entering the “real-world” and with amicable feelings between the two, Brandon requested Amy ‘s attendance  to a party at his house.  The sparks flew, the feelings spilled all over again. They spent most of the night talking with only each other and when all the others guests had left, they took to the roof of Brandon’s apartment and watched the sunrise over Georgetown. You could say a new day had dawned and what started as an invitation turned into a proposal! 😉

I was beyond thrilled when Brandon and Amy contacted me to do their engagement session. They are quite possibly the sweetest couple I know and separately, two of the nicest people in the world. The perfect location  for the session was already selected, the rooftop of Brandon’s apartment, so we took the elevator, climbed the steps, and took in the glorious view of the city. Although the wind was whipping and there was deep chill in the air, Brandon and Amy just kept smiling and laughing. We took some mini breaks to warm our hands and enjoyed a mixed spirit to keep our spirits high! All in all it was a wonderful afternoon and I had a blast!

Congratulations Brandon and Amy! Thank you for allowing me to document this part of your journey together!


ps: a very special thank you to Danny for being my assistant for the day! love.


Make it Spicy!

7 Jan

I love doing boudoir sessions and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to make your holiday sizzle! I have a few more dates available in January so contact me if you are interested, curious, or want to make it happen!


xo lovelies!!


Erica Fabulous: Women & Cancer Issue Winter 2010

6 Jan

Last Spring, Women and Cancer Magazine contacted the ever-fabulous Erica Paul and asked if they could feature her in their Winter 2010 issue which focused on colon cancer.  I am honored that the photographs I took of Erica are included in this issue and even more excited to once again, have the opportunity to share Erica’s story and her courageous and incredible fight. She is my inspiration and I am so very  proud of her and all she is doing to advocate for colon cancer awareness!

I attached just a couple of pages but I encourage everyone to download the full article and read about the other remarkable women in this article and learn more about Erica by clicking HERE!!