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Miss Taylor: A Newborn Session

18 Apr

Beautiful babies and funny dogs may quite possibly be two of my favorite things in the whole wide world! Luckily, Rachel and Bill have one of each. About a week ago, I was fortunate enough to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon with Rachel and Bill and their two babies. Okay, so they only actually have one beautiful baby but I couldn’t not count Bruce! Bruce is their American bulld dog/boxer mix who Bill and Rachel rescued a few years ago and has a personality all his own. I admit, I fell in love with both baby and bulldog  in the few hours I spent with the funny, adorable, and exceptional Peterson family.

You know how the old saying goes….Sugar and spice and everything nice? Well that is exactly what Taylor is made of! I couldn’t have asked for a more cooperative little lady. She hardly made a peep when we would shift her from here to there and she spent most of the afternoon sleeping in her Momma’s arms. She managed to open her beautiful, bright eyes a few times and I think I took a little gasp each time she did, she is just so stunning for six weeks old.

Bill and Rachel are two of the funniest people I have ever met and they are such amazing parents. They love Taylor so very much but always manage to keep the mood light with smiles, jokes, and laughs! Something,  I assume,  is hard to do as brand new/sleep-deprived parents.

Thank you so much Peterson Family! You are all truly beautiful from the inside out!



Sunday Jazz

11 Apr

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to document the brilliant minds behind the “D.C. Sunday Jazz Lounge”! Don’t know what the Sunday Jazz Lounge is? Boy, you are missing out!

Rodney and Joe are incredible people full of incredible talent! They recently began hosting live jazz shows every Sunday which features a different solo act each week. The artists asked to play start the evening a bit less traditional and play solo on the stage with no other instruments. Joe and Rodney specifically choose instruments that aren’t traditionally played this way and it really offers the audience a whole new perspective. It was quite outstanding to be a part of this weekly event and to photograph it was simply bliss.

I met up with Joe and Rodney on U. St to take a few artist head shots and before showtime approached we decided to enjoy a sandwich and a cold beer at American Ice  Co. before  heading to Bohemian Caverns.

It was such a great way to spend a Sunday and I encourage everyone who loves really good music performed by really, really good musicians to check out Sunday Jazz Lounge! For $5, it’s one of the best deals in town.

You can find out more about Sunday Jazz Lounge HERE and HERE

Make sure to visit Joe and Rodney’s websites too!

Thanks so much Joe and Rodney! You both are music to my ears (and eyes!) xo