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Kristyn: A Maternity Session

30 Jun

There is something so special about new mommy and daddy’s to be. They seem to always be wearing a glow and  a smile in anticipation as they wait to welcome a new addition into this great,big, scary, exciting, amazing world!  I had so much fun with the Cole’s and was so excited to do a maternity session before baby  arrives!

The happy couple are welcoming Tyson Bishop into the world and are taking the leap into parenting with arms wide open. I loved how these newlyweds (they were married a little over a year ago) shared so many laughs and smiles amid the heat and gnats and were up for anything…even when I rearranged half their living room, scratch that, entire living room to make room for my camera and myself.

Congratulations Cole Family!! Can’t wait to meet Mr. Tyson! xo

UPDATE: I spoke with Kirstyn earlier in the week and she was emailing me FROM the hospital and was in labor! Yay!!


Caitlin & Clare: June 11, 2011

24 Jun

Have you ever meet someone for the first time and immediately (and secretly) wished to yourself that they were your best friend? That is exactly how I felt upon meeting both Caitlin and Claire. Although, I spoke with Caitlin via phone and some friendly emails, meeting these women was a whole other experience. They are, in a word, awesome. Not just because they are down-to-earth, hilariously always up for a high five, or super laid back but because they are stunning. Stunning in their beauty, their love for each other, and they way they make their friends and love ones feel by just being around.

I was thrilled to travel up to Brooklyn, NY to document their wedding day and felt so honored to be part of such a special occasion. Family and friends filled MyMoon, a beautiful venue located in Williamsburg that has enough exposed brick and strategically placed giant windows to make anyone quickly understand why photographers go batty over Brooklyn architecture and spaces. Words flowed from the ceremony to the reception that were filled with love, friendship, commitment, and laugher. Love spread from one guest to the next and with hugs, and kisses, and those frequent high fives, the intimate affair was packed to gills with sweet emotion.

Caitlin & Clare – Thank you so very much for letting me celebrate with you and all of your awesome friends! You guys are truly awesome.

Special HUGE thanks goes out to Mina A. for not only being a generous host but an outstanding second photographer and the best pal a girl could ask for!! xo.

Happy First Birthday Trip!

17 Jun

I really can’t believe how big this sweet boy has grown! I was lucky enough to photograph the baby shower, Trip’s first few months of life, and just a few weeks ago….saw him turn ONE!

The Markmann family is amazing. Amanda is a designer and it comes through in everything she touches and  I adore her style. She can make a nursery look cool enough to be my own bedroom and Trip’s first birthday was no exception. Colorful mustaches were placed in beautiful cupcakes, party favors in bright boxes featured a little note featuring a funny little mustache, there were even fake mustaches for the guests to sport around the party. ADORABLE!

What I loved most about Trip’s birthday was that it celebrated family and giving back to help others. Instead of wrapped boxes in all shapes and sizes, a simple white and blue box sat proudly in the front hallway. In lieu of presents, Amanda had asked all of her guests to bring/donate their old cellphones to Hope Phones. Hope Phones is a not profit organization that provides phones to medical clinics in developing countries which gives families access to emergency medical care, health information, transport services, and clinic resources.

See! I told you the Markmann’s were super cool!!

Thank you so much Bill, Amanda, and of course…happy birthday Trip! I had such a fun day and think the world of you guys!

happy party goers!

Amy & Tim ~ May 14, 2011

10 Jun

I have been meaning to post this blog for awhile and am so excited to share images from Amy & Tim’s Wedding at Tarara Winery!

When Amy & Tim fell in love with wine as they were falling in love with each other. Some of their first dates would be taking scenic drives through Virginia and popping in for a refreshment at small wineries along the way. The first time they visited Tarara, it felt right. Perhaps it was the smiley staff or the great tasting wine but if I had to guess, it was probably the long conversations Amy and Tim would get  lost in together, or the laughs they shared from old stories that would turn into new memories of time spent together.

Amy & Tim are enamored with each other. I felt so honored to photograph their wedding because I was the witness for the day. I can’t tell you what it feels like to be watching/documenting  a wedding when it is stripped down to the incredible beauty of two people committing to each other for a lifetime. Magical, is the first word that comes to mind! I found myself wiping away my own tears as I clicked the shutter and looked on as Tim took his turn and vowed his love to Amy. Quietly listening, she beamed proudly with the kind of joy and happiness that can take your breath away.

Amy & Tim – Thank you so very much allowing me to be a part of such an amazing day! I know you both found your missing piece and I wish you happiness for the rest of your days!