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Kristyn: A Maternity Session

30 Jun

There is something so special about new mommy and daddy’s to be. They seem to always be wearing a glow and  a smile in anticipation as they wait to welcome a new addition into this great,big, scary, exciting, amazing world!  I had so much fun with the Cole’s and was so excited to do a maternity session before baby  arrives!

The happy couple are welcoming Tyson Bishop into the world and are taking the leap into parenting with arms wide open. I loved how these newlyweds (they were married a little over a year ago) shared so many laughs and smiles amid the heat and gnats and were up for anything…even when I rearranged half their living room, scratch that, entire living room to make room for my camera and myself.

Congratulations Cole Family!! Can’t wait to meet Mr. Tyson! xo

UPDATE: I spoke with Kirstyn earlier in the week and she was emailing me FROM the hospital and was in labor! Yay!!


Miss Taylor: A Newborn Session

18 Apr

Beautiful babies and funny dogs may quite possibly be two of my favorite things in the whole wide world! Luckily, Rachel and Bill have one of each. About a week ago, I was fortunate enough to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon with Rachel and Bill and their two babies. Okay, so they only actually have one beautiful baby but I couldn’t not count Bruce! Bruce is their American bulld dog/boxer mix who Bill and Rachel rescued a few years ago and has a personality all his own. I admit, I fell in love with both baby and bulldog  in the few hours I spent with the funny, adorable, and exceptional Peterson family.

You know how the old saying goes….Sugar and spice and everything nice? Well that is exactly what Taylor is made of! I couldn’t have asked for a more cooperative little lady. She hardly made a peep when we would shift her from here to there and she spent most of the afternoon sleeping in her Momma’s arms. She managed to open her beautiful, bright eyes a few times and I think I took a little gasp each time she did, she is just so stunning for six weeks old.

Bill and Rachel are two of the funniest people I have ever met and they are such amazing parents. They love Taylor so very much but always manage to keep the mood light with smiles, jokes, and laughs! Something,  I assume,  is hard to do as brand new/sleep-deprived parents.

Thank you so much Peterson Family! You are all truly beautiful from the inside out!


Tori & Josh: March 4, 2011

18 Mar

The first thing that Tori told me was that she too had a love affair with cheese! From that moment on, I knew that working with her and Josh was going to be a blast!

I had so much fun getting to know Tori and Josh! They are just the nicest people and it was neat to see how perfectly they complemented each other.  While their wedding was a more low-key and intimate affair, it was by no means ordinary!  We started off with a “first look” before we headed to the church and the expression on Tori’s face was just priceless!

The ceremony took place at t St. John the Baptist in DC which is stunning from the inside out. (Sidenote: If you have never been inside a Russian Orthodox church, I encourage you to go and just take in all the ornate beauty! It is breath-taking!)

After the ceremony, it was off to Lia’s, located in Chevy Chase, to eat, drink, and be merry!  Each part of the day’s festivities not only celebrated Tory and Josh but also celebrated all of the wonderful people in their lives. There was so much love in the room and I felt really lucky to be a part of it all.

Thank you so much Tori & Josh! May your life be sweet together! xo

Paris Part II: Character & Characters

24 Feb

I admit it. I always seem to be one of the goofy by-standers looking up. While the locals pass by with straight determination, my head swivels from side to side and my eyes dart with fervor. Even strolling down streets I have been down countless times before, there is always a tiny piece of detail waiting to remind me that I am just a visitor, a stranger.

Being in Paris was a bit overwhelming for someone like me. There was so much to see! I am not talking about the stars and circles marked along the frayed pages of our Lonely Planet guide. The minutia amongst the streets was breathtaking. The quirky traits of Paris revealed herself in so many delicate ways. What could easily be passed by or ignored in daily routines would peek out with a unique silliness or striking splendor.

Like travelers before me, I am sure that my looks of awe and wanderlust will get an eye roll or two. And while I rarely wear clunky, white sneakers, I make sure to always have a camera around my neck or in my hand because in this lifetime, I am a tourist…always.

Paris Part I: La Tour Eiffel

18 Feb

Where to start? Where to begin? I captured so many amazing moments in Paris  and I keep asking myself these questions over and over again. With so much to share from such a magical trip I don’t know what to offer up first.

La Tour Eiffel. The Eiffel Tower.

“Of course! I’m starting with a cliche!” my brain angrily whispers. The iconic image is emblazoned on hundreds (okay, thousands!)  of posters, postcards, books, magazines, and any other cheap chotchkies found in an airport terminal.  I, myself, was sure that no matter what, I wouldn’t do any touristy Eiffel Tower mumbo jumbo on my first trip to Paris. Boulangerie. Patisserie. Vino. Those three words would be enough to get me where I wanted to go!

The first evening we were in Paris we decided to outsmart the jet lag and hit the ground running. Strolling towards the Champs-Élysées the bright lights and fancy storefronts kept most of my attention and then we took a right. I squeezed Danny’s hand and caught myself gasping a bit.

Bright and sparkling standing with a kind of sultry confidence, there she was. La Tour Eiffel. From that moment on, I was smitten. As we walked, no matter the direction, I would catch myself peeking behind my shoulder to see if she was there. Sure enough, no matter the moped frenzied intersection, quaint cobble street, or boutique lined boulevard, the Eiffel Tower held her head high as if to say, “You don’t have to pinch yourself. You aren’t dreaming. You are here.


On the hunt for customers!

trying to taking it all in.

Ron & Caroline: Popping the question!

16 Feb

On their first date, Ron and Caroline went to see an Imax Movie and afterwards took a stroll to the National Mall. They ended up sitting close to each other on a little brown bench near the Washington Monument and talked until almost 2am!

Two and a half years later, Ron called me in to be a part of a little scheme he had been planning to execute at the end of November. He wanted to take Caroline back to that special bench so he could ask for her hand in marriage and wanted me to photograph it. The catch? Caroline could NOT know that I was there.

Ron gave me all the details. Date, time, and even drew a little map of the exact bench where he would be popping the question. He told Caroline they were meeting friends for drinks close to the Mall before they had to be at a “surprise” party later that evening. What Caroline didn’t know was that the surprise would be for her!

Hiding behind benches and innocent bystanders wasn’t easy but I was so thrilled to be part of such a special moment. I was too far away to hear anything but the hugs, kisses, and tears of joy that followed the ring presentation were proof that Caroline had said “yes!” I don’t think I have ever seen two people happier.

There are times in life when you think back on what happened and it is just one big blur of emotion. It is hard to recall what actually happened or how it happened but you just remember that it did.

Since Caroline didn’t know I was there, she didn’t think she had any way of really remembering the moment and later at dinner mentioned to Ron that she wished she had photographs! Well, Ron and I worked together and this past Valentine’s Day, he presented Caroline with a beautiful frame of the entire proposal! How utterly thoughtful and romantic!  In one of our last conversations, I mentioned to Ron that he deserves the fiancé of the year award!

Caroline & Ron – Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing event!  Congratulations!!   xoxo






The Talented Ms. Esosa: Headshots

27 Jan

I had the opportunity to help Esosa with a project this past Fall so she may be a familiar face on my blog and I am so glad she is!  Isn’t she just stunning? Not only is Esosa a designer she is also a Actress, Writer, “Directress” and overall phenomenal woman!

Esosa has so many amazing projects in the pike so I was thrilled when she asked me to do her head shots! Although there were some crazy moments…(studio snafu!?  exploding strobe?!) we managed to have a great time and even a few laughs!

Thank you so much Esosa! I adore  you!!

Visit and learn more about Esosa on her website: