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Takk Fyrir Mig Iceland

14 Oct

Dear Iceland,

You left me speechless. I can only hope that my memories do you justice and express even .001% of the beauty you offer this mighty world. Out of all the places, I never imagined it would be you that  could steal my heart. I suppose that is how it goes, you expect to choose but end up falling. I am forever grateful for knowing you and promise to return and breath you in once more. Thank you.

the beautiful clouds eased my farewell.


First Attempt

23 Aug

I am absolutely in love with cinemagraphs! What is a cinemagraph you ask? Well, they are basically .gif files but slightly more subtle and used to highlight just a little bit of motion to bring the picture to life.

The one I did of myself, below, sort of reminds me of the maxwell speaker commercial circa 1980! ha.

I am excited to do more and might be something I begin offering clients! I could see these as lovely pieces for an wedding website, save the date, or even fun holiday cards!

What do you think?

Paris Part II: Character & Characters

24 Feb

I admit it. I always seem to be one of the goofy by-standers looking up. While the locals pass by with straight determination, my head swivels from side to side and my eyes dart with fervor. Even strolling down streets I have been down countless times before, there is always a tiny piece of detail waiting to remind me that I am just a visitor, a stranger.

Being in Paris was a bit overwhelming for someone like me. There was so much to see! I am not talking about the stars and circles marked along the frayed pages of our Lonely Planet guide. The minutia amongst the streets was breathtaking. The quirky traits of Paris revealed herself in so many delicate ways. What could easily be passed by or ignored in daily routines would peek out with a unique silliness or striking splendor.

Like travelers before me, I am sure that my looks of awe and wanderlust will get an eye roll or two. And while I rarely wear clunky, white sneakers, I make sure to always have a camera around my neck or in my hand because in this lifetime, I am a tourist…always.

Paris Part I: La Tour Eiffel

18 Feb

Where to start? Where to begin? I captured so many amazing moments in Paris  and I keep asking myself these questions over and over again. With so much to share from such a magical trip I don’t know what to offer up first.

La Tour Eiffel. The Eiffel Tower.

“Of course! I’m starting with a cliche!” my brain angrily whispers. The iconic image is emblazoned on hundreds (okay, thousands!)  of posters, postcards, books, magazines, and any other cheap chotchkies found in an airport terminal.  I, myself, was sure that no matter what, I wouldn’t do any touristy Eiffel Tower mumbo jumbo on my first trip to Paris. Boulangerie. Patisserie. Vino. Those three words would be enough to get me where I wanted to go!

The first evening we were in Paris we decided to outsmart the jet lag and hit the ground running. Strolling towards the Champs-Élysées the bright lights and fancy storefronts kept most of my attention and then we took a right. I squeezed Danny’s hand and caught myself gasping a bit.

Bright and sparkling standing with a kind of sultry confidence, there she was. La Tour Eiffel. From that moment on, I was smitten. As we walked, no matter the direction, I would catch myself peeking behind my shoulder to see if she was there. Sure enough, no matter the moped frenzied intersection, quaint cobble street, or boutique lined boulevard, the Eiffel Tower held her head high as if to say, “You don’t have to pinch yourself. You aren’t dreaming. You are here.


On the hunt for customers!

trying to taking it all in.

Pinball Wizards

20 Jan


It’s always such a treat when I can take my camera on personal adventures! Last weekend Danny and I ventured to the National Pinball Museum in Georgetown. I am sure at this point you are asking yourself, “A National Pinball Museum in the Georgetown Mall!?” (There may even be tinge of astonishment in your inflection.) Why yes! Yes, there is.  The NPM opened about a month ago and I encourage you all to go check it out. Seeing the evolution of the pinball machine is truly a fascinating glimpse into American history and culture. The best part is unlike most museums, you are allowed to touch, feel, and play the games!  Unfortunately, I haven’t quite found my flipper fingers  so as Danny initials swirled and flashed across the displays,  I wandered around the amusement hall admiring the many variations of the silver ball.


27 Nov

I am thankful.

Thankful for my inquisitive, sweet, beautiful nephew.

Who is also hilarious!

Thankful to spend this holiday with FOUR generations.

Like many of you, I am so thankful and blessed in so many ways. A special thank YOU to everyone I have worked with (and for) in the past year! May your holiday season be filled with love, joy, happiness and more!

Flowers at Night

4 Nov

I was so fortunate to take a trip to NYC  to the PDN PhotoPlus expo with my friend Elizabeth,an amazing photographer whose work you can find  here!  After a long day filled with lenses, lighting, and lots and lots of information on all things photography, we decided to stretch our legs and take a visit to the High Line on Manhattan’s West Side. This quirky respite that was once used to lift dangerous freight trains off Manhattan’s streets is consistently at a high pitch buzz during the daylight hours. There are groups of girls sharing delectables the Chelsea Market purveys, young couples snuggling together on wooden chaise lounges,  and wayfarer clad gentlemen engrossed in counterculture novels.  Once the sun has said his goodnights, the High Line is an altogether different atmosphere. Finicky streetlights and cranky headlights ease their way up to the top and generate an empowered but soft glow on the concrete pathway. The giant buildings across the river manage to squeak out a slight twinkle amongst the twilight. And it is quiet.