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Holiday Outtakes: Katie & Steve

24 Oct

It has become tradition that I take my sister’s annual holiday card photos. I adore that I am able to do this and I couldn’t help but share some of the outtakes from our session. We decided to keep it simple and found a little, empty parking lot, grabbed some chalk, and wrote down words that we wanted people to remember during the holiday season.

I could go on and on about Katie and Steve and how much I love them, how adorable/awesome/amazing they are but there really are not enough words and this little blog is much too small a space. With that said,  I will K.I.S.

Katie and Steve- You fill my heart and I know we will continue our tradition for many years to come! xo



Burst Party 10.9.10

11 Oct

Art + music + a BAJILLION balloons? I dare anyone not to burst from excitement!

The grand opening event for Artisphere happened on Saturday night and while most of my night consisted of mingling, dancing, pbr, and general party going,  I did manage to sneak off and capture a couple of images.

Friends!! There are so many exciting things happening at this art space/concert venue/ballroom/museum/ super dome!  Who is in for DANCE WEDNESDAYS  (zydeco, cajun, rock, r & b, swing, et al)? I am quite certain I will be dragging some of you with me 🙂

My Little City Mouse: Miss Victoria

7 Sep

Victoria is one of my very favorite people to hang out with. She is wickedly smart, hilarious, and incredibly creative. As Danny’s little sister, we have gotten the chance to get to know each other over the past few years and have  discovered we have a shared love of puppies, cheese, and fashion accessories!

Seeing as she is about to start sixth grade, Danny and I decided it would be fun to invite her to our apartment to be our special weekend guest of honor. We stayed up late watching movies, ate way too much ice cream, painted our nails, and the next day made a trip to Georgetown. (where she had never been!)

We put our best cosmopolitan foot forward and shopped around obsessing on all things shiny, pretty, and  “so cute!” (well not danny but he was a really good sport and held our bags! ) It was such a fun way to spend a long weekend and I couldn’t help but document part of it 🙂

Thanks Victoria and Danny for a such a great, relaxing, and super fun time!

Being silly in Anthro!

On our way home.

A very quick trip to my very favorite city.

24 Aug

I heart street art,puppies, big pastrami sandwiches, danny, and of course…NYC.

Flower Power

8 Jul

I have been inspired by variation, dreams, but mostly flowers in my free time! xo, enjoy.

I am in love…

10 May

with my new nephew! SO proud to be a lala.

Say It Ain’t Snow!

12 Feb

We were walloped not once but twice with record amounts of snow fall here in D.C.  As a young adult, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the massive accumulation allowed our inner child to come out and play. While there were plenty of snowball fights, building of snowmen, and sledding there was an overall quiet beauty as our world turned white.