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Good Food, Doing Good!

23 Sep

I am beyond thrilled that I was selected to be the official photographer for the CulinaryCorps Alumni Leadership Trip 2011-
New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast! I will be following 20 premiere chefs from around the globe as they bring their talent and goodwill to both New Orleans and Mississippi. The project begins in Pass Christian, an area hard hit by the BP spill where we will be spending two days with the Boys & Girls Club. We will also be working with Real Food Gulf Coast  helping the fisherman impacted by the spill. Lastly, we will be stopping by the Edible Schoolyard NewOrleans for a day of cooking, mentorship, and fun.

I am honored to be a part of this incredible trip and so incredibly excited to document these passionate and more importantly compassionate chefs, cooks, food educators, and culinary students as they volunteer their professional skills and tackle some of America’s most critical food challenges: emergency hunger relief, cooking and nutrition education, healthy food access, childhood wellness, and culinary heritage preservation.


Kristyn: A Maternity Session

30 Jun

There is something so special about new mommy and daddy’s to be. They seem to always be wearing a glow and  a smile in anticipation as they wait to welcome a new addition into this great,big, scary, exciting, amazing world!  I had so much fun with the Cole’s and was so excited to do a maternity session before baby  arrives!

The happy couple are welcoming Tyson Bishop into the world and are taking the leap into parenting with arms wide open. I loved how these newlyweds (they were married a little over a year ago) shared so many laughs and smiles amid the heat and gnats and were up for anything…even when I rearranged half their living room, scratch that, entire living room to make room for my camera and myself.

Congratulations Cole Family!! Can’t wait to meet Mr. Tyson! xo

UPDATE: I spoke with Kirstyn earlier in the week and she was emailing me FROM the hospital and was in labor! Yay!!

The Magic Wardrobe

11 May

Turning left off of Snickersville Lane, I had to pinch myself. I was making my way up to a gorgeous farm in Aldie, Va on what could be only described as a picture perfect day. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the smiling and stunning Bridget, owner of the Magic Wardrobe, and her three gorgeous children. I also met the ever-lovely Patti who I owe a big thank you! Not only for setting up the entire session but also for her patience, otherwise, there is a chance I might still be driving down the windy roads of the Virginia countryside.

I was thrilled when I was contacted by The Magic Wardrobe to photograph their Spring/Summer collection. It doesn’t get any more exquisite than the garments found behind the doors of this very special children’s boutique.  Founded in 1989 in Middleburg, VA., The Magic Wardrobe offers an inspiring array of beautiful garments from the likes of Marc Jacobs and Jean Bourget. But what’s most special about The Magic Wardrobe is the collection designed by Bridget herself.  Both innovative and joyful, the MW Collection is truly an example of what children’s clothing should be. Believe me, I gasped at one beautiful piece which I know that, if made in my size, I would be thrilled to have hanging in my own closet.

There truly is a celebration of children and life inside The Magic Wardrobe and I encourage all of you to stop by and say hello when you are passing through Middleburg or strolling through Georgetown. I am sure you will be greeted with smiles as beautiful as the clothes themselves.

The new and improved web site is almost set for launch, but in the meantime, you can find out more about The Magic Wardrobe by visiting,

Thank you so much Patty & Bridget! I had such an amazing time with everyone!

Sunday Jazz

11 Apr

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to document the brilliant minds behind the “D.C. Sunday Jazz Lounge”! Don’t know what the Sunday Jazz Lounge is? Boy, you are missing out!

Rodney and Joe are incredible people full of incredible talent! They recently began hosting live jazz shows every Sunday which features a different solo act each week. The artists asked to play start the evening a bit less traditional and play solo on the stage with no other instruments. Joe and Rodney specifically choose instruments that aren’t traditionally played this way and it really offers the audience a whole new perspective. It was quite outstanding to be a part of this weekly event and to photograph it was simply bliss.

I met up with Joe and Rodney on U. St to take a few artist head shots and before showtime approached we decided to enjoy a sandwich and a cold beer at American Ice  Co. before  heading to Bohemian Caverns.

It was such a great way to spend a Sunday and I encourage everyone who loves really good music performed by really, really good musicians to check out Sunday Jazz Lounge! For $5, it’s one of the best deals in town.

You can find out more about Sunday Jazz Lounge HERE and HERE

Make sure to visit Joe and Rodney’s websites too!

Thanks so much Joe and Rodney! You both are music to my ears (and eyes!) xo





Ron & Caroline: Popping the question!

16 Feb

On their first date, Ron and Caroline went to see an Imax Movie and afterwards took a stroll to the National Mall. They ended up sitting close to each other on a little brown bench near the Washington Monument and talked until almost 2am!

Two and a half years later, Ron called me in to be a part of a little scheme he had been planning to execute at the end of November. He wanted to take Caroline back to that special bench so he could ask for her hand in marriage and wanted me to photograph it. The catch? Caroline could NOT know that I was there.

Ron gave me all the details. Date, time, and even drew a little map of the exact bench where he would be popping the question. He told Caroline they were meeting friends for drinks close to the Mall before they had to be at a “surprise” party later that evening. What Caroline didn’t know was that the surprise would be for her!

Hiding behind benches and innocent bystanders wasn’t easy but I was so thrilled to be part of such a special moment. I was too far away to hear anything but the hugs, kisses, and tears of joy that followed the ring presentation were proof that Caroline had said “yes!” I don’t think I have ever seen two people happier.

There are times in life when you think back on what happened and it is just one big blur of emotion. It is hard to recall what actually happened or how it happened but you just remember that it did.

Since Caroline didn’t know I was there, she didn’t think she had any way of really remembering the moment and later at dinner mentioned to Ron that she wished she had photographs! Well, Ron and I worked together and this past Valentine’s Day, he presented Caroline with a beautiful frame of the entire proposal! How utterly thoughtful and romantic!  In one of our last conversations, I mentioned to Ron that he deserves the fiancé of the year award!

Caroline & Ron – Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing event!  Congratulations!!   xoxo






Addison & Mason: A Newborn Session (times two!)

3 Feb

Most of you, my lovely readers, know that I am blessed to be a twin! Throughout our lives people would always ask……what’s it like? Well, like with most everything in life, there were lots of laughs, plenty of tears, wicked arguments, and giant hugs. The same holds true today and I consider my twin my absolute, best friend in the world.  So today when people ask me what it is like being a twin? I respond with a “I couldn’t imagine life any other way!”

I was lucky enough to do an anniversary session with Janine and Chris last year and gushed over their awesomeness. You can imagine my thrill when Janine told me she was having twins and asked if I could photograph them as newborns! Let me tell you that as parents Chris and Janine exude patience and kindness and the love they have for each other and their new little family is awe inspiring! Having two little bundles of joy is a lot of work but Mason and Addison are beautiful!  They both have so much personality despite being so new to this world!  I can tell already that they will be best friends for life 🙂

Thank you so much Chris, Janine, Addison, and Mason! xoxo

Miss Addison!

Mason is all smiles!


Brandon & Amy: An Engagement Session

14 Jan

Brandon and Amy first dated in college but as graduation day approached their relationship parted ways. So sad. Oh, but do not to fear loyal readers! This was not the end of their tale. (Of course not! Obviously the title of this post brings happy news.) A few years after entering the “real-world” and with amicable feelings between the two, Brandon requested Amy ‘s attendance  to a party at his house.  The sparks flew, the feelings spilled all over again. They spent most of the night talking with only each other and when all the others guests had left, they took to the roof of Brandon’s apartment and watched the sunrise over Georgetown. You could say a new day had dawned and what started as an invitation turned into a proposal! 😉

I was beyond thrilled when Brandon and Amy contacted me to do their engagement session. They are quite possibly the sweetest couple I know and separately, two of the nicest people in the world. The perfect location  for the session was already selected, the rooftop of Brandon’s apartment, so we took the elevator, climbed the steps, and took in the glorious view of the city. Although the wind was whipping and there was deep chill in the air, Brandon and Amy just kept smiling and laughing. We took some mini breaks to warm our hands and enjoyed a mixed spirit to keep our spirits high! All in all it was a wonderful afternoon and I had a blast!

Congratulations Brandon and Amy! Thank you for allowing me to document this part of your journey together!


ps: a very special thank you to Danny for being my assistant for the day! love.