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Paris Part I: La Tour Eiffel

18 Feb

Where to start? Where to begin? I captured so many amazing moments in Paris  and I keep asking myself these questions over and over again. With so much to share from such a magical trip I don’t know what to offer up first.

La Tour Eiffel. The Eiffel Tower.

“Of course! I’m starting with a cliche!” my brain angrily whispers. The iconic image is emblazoned on hundreds (okay, thousands!)  of posters, postcards, books, magazines, and any other cheap chotchkies found in an airport terminal.  I, myself, was sure that no matter what, I wouldn’t do any touristy Eiffel Tower mumbo jumbo on my first trip to Paris. Boulangerie. Patisserie. Vino. Those three words would be enough to get me where I wanted to go!

The first evening we were in Paris we decided to outsmart the jet lag and hit the ground running. Strolling towards the Champs-Élysées the bright lights and fancy storefronts kept most of my attention and then we took a right. I squeezed Danny’s hand and caught myself gasping a bit.

Bright and sparkling standing with a kind of sultry confidence, there she was. La Tour Eiffel. From that moment on, I was smitten. As we walked, no matter the direction, I would catch myself peeking behind my shoulder to see if she was there. Sure enough, no matter the moped frenzied intersection, quaint cobble street, or boutique lined boulevard, the Eiffel Tower held her head high as if to say, “You don’t have to pinch yourself. You aren’t dreaming. You are here.


On the hunt for customers!

trying to taking it all in.