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The Travis Family!

20 Oct

You may recognize these darling little girls from a previous photo session/blog post and I am so happy to that I am able share the newest images from our most recent session! In a way, I have watched these two curly haired cuties grow up in front of my camera. Rachel & Caitlin have transformed into young ladies that are even more dynamic and full of energy than when I first met them almost two years ago! I still have a giant grin on my face each time I am introduced to these two and their glorious green/blue eyes seems like they are made to be in front of a camera.

I met up with the Travis Family at Lake Anne in Reston on a particularly beautiful Fall afternoon. We played on all the abstract sculptures, said hello to “Bob” aka Robert E. Simon, and ran up and down paths, bridges, and turned the plaze into our makeshift playground. Mom, Dad, and Grandma were a part of the action and there were lots of hugs, kisses, and when all was said and done….a gum reward! I had such a fun day and hope to see these two beauties grow into young women!

Thank you so much Travis Family! In my opinion, you are one big, cute overload!


Takk Fyrir Mig Iceland

14 Oct

Dear Iceland,

You left me speechless. I can only hope that my memories do you justice and express even .001% of the beauty you offer this mighty world. Out of all the places, I never imagined it would be you that  could steal my heart. I suppose that is how it goes, you expect to choose but end up falling. I am forever grateful for knowing you and promise to return and breath you in once more. Thank you.

the beautiful clouds eased my farewell.

Lauren & Steve: August 13, 2011

12 Sep

You may remember Lauren and Steve from their adorable love story in which their hearts connected over a bottle of wine at Old Ebbit Grill in Washington DC. In August, I was and honored to document their big day in Tarrytown, NY. I cannot say enough glowing remarks about these two collegiate coaches that found themselves in the arms of each other.

Tarrytown is such a beautiful, little town and is resident to, the aptly named, Tarrytown House where Lauren & Steve’s wedding celebration was held.  Throughout the day the sun peeked out and giggled from above as many smiles, hugs, and laughs were shared down below.

“Lauren and Steve are perfect for each other!” was the sentiment shared by many in attendance of their special day…and it’s true.

Lauren is beautiful, hilarious, and whip smart (so are her sisters!) Steve is fun-loving, adorable, and incredibly kind.  Their love for each other builds upon their strengths and they support each other no matter the idiosyncrasy.

From bright green shoes (Lauren’s favorite color), to guest cards adorned by gold baseballs, and even a hot dog and soft pretzel stand Lauren and Steve really shined through all of the details. And the FUN everyone had! My gosh! The whole party was dancing even before the salads were served! I ended up tapping my toes and was probably laughing harder than I should when the Chicken Dance came on and there didn’t seem to be a single person at their tables!

Lauren & Steve thank everyone for making their day so special but I especially want to thank THEM for being so wonderful. May your happiness grow as you grow old together! X.O.


PS: A very SUPER shout out loud, from the top of the rooftops THANK YOU to Danny for  being the most amazing, supportive. outstanding assistant/2nd photographer for the weekend!


First Attempt

23 Aug

I am absolutely in love with cinemagraphs! What is a cinemagraph you ask? Well, they are basically .gif files but slightly more subtle and used to highlight just a little bit of motion to bring the picture to life.

The one I did of myself, below, sort of reminds me of the maxwell speaker commercial circa 1980! ha.

I am excited to do more and might be something I begin offering clients! I could see these as lovely pieces for an wedding website, save the date, or even fun holiday cards!

What do you think?

The Legler Family!

5 Aug

Wow! I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post! Like most (if not all) of you, my to-do list has a funny way of snow balling into to-do pages! But I digress because I am so excited to FINALLY share my session with the Legler Family!

I met up with this adorable family of five on a hot, buggy, and eventually rainy day so we had to cut the session a bit short (who can handle heat and mosquitos? Not ME!) Despite Mother Nature’s best attempt to damper our efforts, we still managed to have a great time! The boys pulled on their rainboots, grabbed their light sabers, and we went exploring in the backyard!

I had such a fun time with the Legler’s and am so excited to meet up with them in the next few weeks to finish what we started! For now, I am thrilled to share images and can’t thank you all enough for following along with my little blog!

Thank you so much Legler Family! Can’t wait to see you soon! xo

Kristyn: A Maternity Session

30 Jun

There is something so special about new mommy and daddy’s to be. They seem to always be wearing a glow and  a smile in anticipation as they wait to welcome a new addition into this great,big, scary, exciting, amazing world!  I had so much fun with the Cole’s and was so excited to do a maternity session before baby  arrives!

The happy couple are welcoming Tyson Bishop into the world and are taking the leap into parenting with arms wide open. I loved how these newlyweds (they were married a little over a year ago) shared so many laughs and smiles amid the heat and gnats and were up for anything…even when I rearranged half their living room, scratch that, entire living room to make room for my camera and myself.

Congratulations Cole Family!! Can’t wait to meet Mr. Tyson! xo

UPDATE: I spoke with Kirstyn earlier in the week and she was emailing me FROM the hospital and was in labor! Yay!!

Caitlin & Clare: June 11, 2011

24 Jun

Have you ever meet someone for the first time and immediately (and secretly) wished to yourself that they were your best friend? That is exactly how I felt upon meeting both Caitlin and Claire. Although, I spoke with Caitlin via phone and some friendly emails, meeting these women was a whole other experience. They are, in a word, awesome. Not just because they are down-to-earth, hilariously always up for a high five, or super laid back but because they are stunning. Stunning in their beauty, their love for each other, and they way they make their friends and love ones feel by just being around.

I was thrilled to travel up to Brooklyn, NY to document their wedding day and felt so honored to be part of such a special occasion. Family and friends filled MyMoon, a beautiful venue located in Williamsburg that has enough exposed brick and strategically placed giant windows to make anyone quickly understand why photographers go batty over Brooklyn architecture and spaces. Words flowed from the ceremony to the reception that were filled with love, friendship, commitment, and laugher. Love spread from one guest to the next and with hugs, and kisses, and those frequent high fives, the intimate affair was packed to gills with sweet emotion.

Caitlin & Clare – Thank you so very much for letting me celebrate with you and all of your awesome friends! You guys are truly awesome.

Special HUGE thanks goes out to Mina A. for not only being a generous host but an outstanding second photographer and the best pal a girl could ask for!! xo.