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First Attempt

23 Aug

I am absolutely in love with cinemagraphs! What is a cinemagraph you ask? Well, they are basically .gif files but slightly more subtle and used to highlight just a little bit of motion to bring the picture to life.

The one I did of myself, below, sort of reminds me of the maxwell speaker commercial circa 1980! ha.

I am excited to do more and might be something I begin offering clients! I could see these as lovely pieces for an wedding website, save the date, or even fun holiday cards!

What do you think?


The Legler Family!

5 Aug

Wow! I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post! Like most (if not all) of you, my to-do list has a funny way of snow balling into to-do pages! But I digress because I am so excited to FINALLY share my session with the Legler Family!

I met up with this adorable family of five on a hot, buggy, and eventually rainy day so we had to cut the session a bit short (who can handle heat and mosquitos? Not ME!) Despite Mother Nature’s best attempt to damper our efforts, we still managed to have a great time! The boys pulled on their rainboots, grabbed their light sabers, and we went exploring in the backyard!

I had such a fun time with the Legler’s and am so excited to meet up with them in the next few weeks to finish what we started! For now, I am thrilled to share images and can’t thank you all enough for following along with my little blog!

Thank you so much Legler Family! Can’t wait to see you soon! xo